NY Times Spiked a Story on Illegal Obama-ACORN Coordination During the Election

Big surprise. The NY Times’ “public editor” laughs it off as an unverified story about merely “technical violations of campaign finance law.” It was unverified, though, because as soon as it looked like there was some truth to the story and after they had scheduled an on-the-record interview about it, the editors killed the story.

The insanely laughable excuse, according to the source: “”it was their policy not to print a game-changer for either side that close to the election.”

Bullshit. It was and is their policy to get Democrats elected. Nobody believes for a second that the Times wouldn’t have tried to verify the story if it had been about John McCain breaking campaign finance laws. And it’s probably better than 50-50 that the failing newspaper have run a story like that about McCain–carefully couched in the “questions have been raised” mold–even if it couldn’t get anyone on the record.

There’s more on this over at PowerlineBlog.

~ by Gabriel Malor on May 18, 2009.

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