Rumors of the GOP’s Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated

Moe Lane posted this over the weekend, but I only saw it last night at the Corner and PowerlineBlog. He compares the voter trust numbers for the top issues from just before the election to now:

As you can see, compared to last fall, fewer voters appear to trust the Democrats on all but one issue (government ethics which is a WTF issue anyway). This isn’t an isolated observation. This week was the third week in a row where the GOP led the generic congressional ballot.

Legacy media keeps writing “consciousness raising” articles on the death of the GOP with headlines like “Is this the end?” “How liberal will the New GOP get?” and “Far Right Extremists Shrink their Party Down to Nothing.” All of that is bullshit.

The two party system is quite self-sustaining. If a party has a problem, it adjusts over time. For example, Democrats got the crap kicked out of them on gun control in the late 1990s. Yesterday, 26 Democrats voted to allow concealed carry in national parks. They adjusted.

If it is true, as the legacy media claims, that the Republicans are out of touch on the issues, the GOP will adjust (no matter the howls of the purists, either). But looking at the numbers I don’t think it’s a sure thing at all that the GOP is losing on the issues.

~ by Gabriel Malor on May 14, 2009.

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