On Newspapers’ Demise

As a follow-up to Clay Shirky’s excellent essay on what will replace newspapers, which we discussed a few weeks ago, this essay is too good to pass up; go read the whole thing. A newspaperman identifies three guys who led the papers to their current dire straits. Here is the editor’s note to whet your curiosity:

The following essay was written by the late John Walter, who served as executive editor of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and was a founding editor of USA Today. A few months after Walter died due to complications from surgery last September, his wife, Jan Pogue, found this essay on his computer. With her permission, Poynter has reprinted an edited version of it here.

He concludes “Newspapers are dying. Journalism will go on, but the thing in the blue bag is over. These guys did it.”

~ by Gabriel Malor on March 27, 2009.

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