TV Networks Look for “Recessionary” Sit-Coms

Some of their ideas for which pilots have been ordered:

FOX’s Two Dollar Beer: Comedy revolves around a group of young adults in Detroit as they weather the worsening economy but refuse to move away from their hometown.

CBS’s Waiting To Die: Comedy about two simple guys who are happy with their lives – no matter how bad it might look from the outside.

ABC’s Canned: Comedy about a group of friends who all get fired on the same day.

FOX’s Living With Abandon: Comedy about members of an abandonment support group who suffer a blow when their therapist commits suicide and must band together to solve each other’s issues.

FOX’s Sons of Tucson: Comedy centers on a charming but misguided hustler hired by three rich young brothers to act as their “father” while their real one serves time for a white-collar crime.

As usual, lawyer and cop shows have a large chunk of the pilots. There are also quite a few about thirty-somethings dealing with life’s challenges (read: somebody’s pregnant or wants to get pregnant). If you’re interested, a full list of comedies ordered to pilot is here.

~ by Gabriel Malor on February 21, 2009.

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