Oscar Nominations Out

Nothing worthy of note, except the expected. The Dark Knight and Chris Nolan got snubbed. The Best Picture category is made up of five movies that range from the barely watchable Milk to the actively suckitudinous Benjamin Button (which got the most noms of any pic, 13). Slumdog Millionaire is the least objectionable of the bunch, but really? The “Best Picture of 2008”?

The only ray of sunshine in the whole mess is Robert Downy, Jr.’s Best Supporting Actor nomination for Tropic Thunder. That one is wholly deserved and you should blow off work today to rent the picture.

Stand by for a hundred people to announce that they are too cool for school and so do not watch movies or, in the alternative, do not care enough about what they do watch to mind the Oscars.

~ by Gabriel Malor on January 22, 2009.

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  1. Waiting for the winner 🙂

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