Cruise Wants Government to Count Gays; CORRECTION: Not True at All, Cruise Never Said That

Correction: Tom Cruise didn’t say what he’s quoted as saying. Some guy name Larry Kramer did, which makes this post pretty much worthless (though not the comments, many of which are snort-worthy). Even the creep-factor associated with a Scientologist looking to count gays is gone.

Thanks to Dave in Texas and several astute commenters.

Original Post: Gateway Pundit found this. I have to agree that it sounds a little creepy, but we do a government census every ten years anyway, don’t we?

As Cruise told talk show host Jimmy Kimmel last night: “I am tired of not knowing. I am tired of hearing numbers quoted all over the map from practically zero to only a few million, all of them certainly far less than I believe there are. I think it is, psychologically, now the time to try and do something about this.”

Kimmel had raised the subject in his opening monologue that evening but appeared dismissive of Cruise’s support for the idea, saying: “I think such a census would prove to be a nightmare for any statistician.”

Aside from satisfying the curiosity of Scientologists, why do we want to count gays?

~ by Gabriel Malor on December 27, 2008.

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