White House Continues to Pound the NY Times for So-Called “Reporting”

No link, but a White House spokesman just suggested to FOXNews that the White House recognizes that the NY Times has fallen on hard times and may not have the resources to do original reporting! Paraphrasing: “I don’t know if the Times’ junk bond rating is causing a lack of reporting or whether their lack of reporting has caused their junk bond rating.” Heh.

Could have used some of that snark during the past eight years, no?

What’s this all about? Catch up here. In short, the NY Times ran a shoddily-sourced hit piece in Sunday’s paper that blamed the entirety of the financial crisis on the President and his “free market” principles. It also managed to completely ignore the Democrat-led CRA, blames the Frannie/Freddie meltdown on the President’s unwillingness to “compromise” on regulation (read: bend over and take it from Barney Frank), and suggests that the President was paid off by the bankers to let them alone.

The White House struck back yesterday in a statement from Press Secretary Dana Perino.

~ by Gabriel Malor on December 22, 2008.

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