Snow in Malibu (Again)

This makes two years in a row that snow, actual frozen water falling from the sky, has been seen in Malibu. Last year about a half an inch stuck:

Shocking evidence of global warming captured on film. Right? Two years is a trend, isn’t it?

Last year folks freaked about it since the only ways into and out of Malibu except PCH are canyon roads. This year I’m told there wasn’t enough snowfall to matter (although the rain can sometimes make things interesting).

And while I’m thinking of it:

This is a real treat, combining environmentalist’s ignorance of the likely effects of global warming with child-like personification of animals. It’s so overwrought that I expect it will do more harm than good. Or good than harm, from my perspective.

I saw the same mistake repeatedly during Sci-fi and NBC’s “Green Week” TV shows. Assuming that all their other claims are correct, an increase in global temperatures is likely to make the surface of the earth wetter as water is released from the polar caps. At the temperatures we’re talking about, the Earth is a reasonably closed system when it comes to water. It isn’t going to just disappear because the temperature rises a few degrees. And it can only go a few places: ice, water, or water vapor. If the ice melts, we’re going to see more water and more water vapor (that is, clouds) along with more rain. The slight increase in temperature is also going to increase evaporation and thus lead to more rainfall.

Or something like that. The truth is, any knuckle-dragging believer in global warming is probably dumb enough to believe that deserts will cover the earth and chimpanzees will hang themselves if global warming occurs. Notwithstanding all the evidence that the Earth was warmer (and wetter) in the past. Then again, if they cared about evidence we wouldn’t be stuck listening to their bullshit, now would we?

~ by Gabriel Malor on December 17, 2008.

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