Mystery in L.A.

This proved to be something of a problem on my way to work this morning. Wrong day to decide to drive instead of taking my usual trip on the red line.

“This is a real whodunit,” Police Lt. Paul Vernon said. With no immediate witnesses to the shooting and the victim in critical condition, detectives are focusing on the victim’s mysterious car.It is a silver, two-door 2005 Bentley Continental GT with glittering silver rims valued at about $100,000, the ride of rap stars and other celebrities. Paris Hilton was arrested in hers. Jay-Z rapped about his. Shaq and Kobe had theirs customized.

Detectives checked the registration and asked downtown merchants if any Bentleys had been reported stolen. The Bentley was not registered to the victim and police do not believe it belonged to him, Vernon said. Police found temporary registration papers on the car and verified the owner through the vehicle identification number, but Vernon would not release the owner’s name.

The car was shot up around 3:20am. My guess is that it was a gang-related theft that went wrong. The problem with that is no one’s reported the car stolen. Perhaps the owner did the shooting?

~ by Gabriel Malor on December 12, 2008.

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  1. Yeah this screwed up my drive because they were urging people to take the 134 to the 5 and then to downtown.

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