Summons Served on CAIR President at Awards Dinner; Holy Land Foundation Jury Deliberations Continue

This is slightly amusing, but this type of thing always gives me a deck chairs on the Titanic vibe.

Details about the suit are here.

That page mentions the Holy Land Foundation trial (Warning: rather blatant media bias in the report). Actually, the retrial, which has been in jury deliberations for seven days now. Holy Land Foundation is believed to have funneled $12 million to Hamas. The reason for the first mistrial and probably the endless deliberations in this one is proving that the defendants intended that the money go to Hamas, rather than charity.

Both sides are already claiming vindication ahead of a verdict. The defendants say their “patent persecution” has strengthened their resolve and the resolve of their allies like CAIR (in other words, their unindicted co-conspirators). The government says that merely shining a light on these little scumsuckers has helped stop their terrorism financing, regardless of the actual outcome of the trial.

~ by Gabriel Malor on November 23, 2008.

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