Lieberman Getting Ready to Make the Switch Official?

Joe Lieberman (McCainiac-Conn.) told Glen Beck’s radio show that he fears a Democratic super-majority.

Lieberman was asked on the Glenn Beck radio show whether he agreed with GOP Sen. Orrin Hatch (Utah) that “if we don’t at least have the firewall of the filibuster in the Senate, that in many ways America will not survive.”

“Well, I hope it’s not like that, but I fear,” Lieberman responded.

Hatch, in an earlier appearance on Fox News, had said: “If we don’t have the right to utilize that filibuster rule and force the Democrats to have to get 60 votes, you’re going to get some of the worst legislation in the history of the country.”

Lieberman touted the filibuster rule.

“[I]t was really put there, a 60-vote requirement, as somebody said to me when I first came to the Senate, to stop the passions of a moment among the people of America from sweeping across the Congress, the House, to the Senate and to a likeminded president and having us do things that will change America for a long time,” Lieberman said. “So the filibuster is one of the great protections we have.”

With the Democrats picking up at least four senate seats, Lieberman will no longer have the pivotal role he’s played for the past two years. Does that make it more or less likely that he’ll switch teams?

My guess:

What do you think?

~ by Gabriel Malor on November 4, 2008.

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  1. He might switch to caucus with the GOP but he won’t declare himself a Republican.

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