Republicans Rescue Flags from the Trash at Invesco

These waving flags made for great TV at the Democratic convention two weeks ago. 12,000 more just like them were destined for a landfill when the convention was over. David Harsanyi of the Denver Post writes:

This morning, Republicans tell me that a worker at Invesco Field in Denver saved thousands of unused flags from the Democratic National Convention that were headed for the garbage. Guerrilla campaigning. They will use these flags at their own event today in Colorado Springs with John McCain and Sarah Palin.Before McCain speaks today, veterans will haul these garbage bags filled with flags out onto the stage — with dramatic effect, no doubt — and tell the story.


I’m not sure what the DNC was supposed to do with unused hand-flags, frankly. But the Republicans are obviously questioning someone’s patriotism here.

Mighty defensive, there, David. No one questions Democrats’ patriotism as much as Democrats themselves (and yes, I realize Harsanyi is a libertarian). We don’t even have to go there. And, frankly, there were plenty of other things that could be done with them… including handing them out to Republicans!

Exit quote from Ed Morrissey: “Remember when the DNCC was supposed to be the “greenest convention ever”? How they worried about the color of the food and using organic materials in their merchandise? I guess we can see where the “green” concern ends … at red, white, and blue.”


~ by Gabriel Malor on September 6, 2008.

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  1. But it starts near the top. In an article about Shelly Loos, Director of Floor Operations for Obama’s speech, reported on August 28th:

    “Loos would reveal little about her plans, other than kicking a box filled with small American flags.”

    She revealed her plans all right.

  2. NOT a good story line for the O-Man. A guy who says one thing in Scranton and something else in San Francisco shouldn’t wave ten thousand flags with the cameras rolling and throw them away when the lights go down.

    I don’t see this as primarily an attack on Obama’s patriotism. People who think he’s patriotic aren’t going to change their opinions become some dope forgot to recycle the props. But it does put another crack in his image of integrity, right there with the styrofoam columns and the latte liberals who look down on bitter Pennsylvanians.

  3. This story has already been countered by the Democrats as untrue (the flags may have been bundled and bagged to be reused before a GOP sympathizer stole them), but I’d also question what the GOP plans to do with all of its little flags when its done fetishizing them.

    After all, Republicans probably are more like than Dems to break the law while unintentionally abusing the flag. For details on how, see

  4. Yeah, the democrats said the republicans took their flags…a whole week after their convention ended. Yeah, right. One has to believe that they were out of Denver in a convention context within a day or two of nobama being coronated or deified or whatever it was they did in that temple he built to himself. Fact is, they got caught as the hypocrites they are and hopefully every true American remembers the fraud clearly displayed by the obamassiah.

  5. So the Democrats say the flags were for other events?

    Is that what they were planning for these flags, too?


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