Powerful Stupid Lefties Try to Explain Community Organizing

Mocked and dissected over at QandO. I can’t steal it all, but here’s a taste:

No wonder, given the daunting job responsibilities laid out by these two, that it’s hard to find anything to criticize about Obama. How can one criticize the record of a person who has had no responsibilities, had no power, made no decisions and, frankly, done nothing – except perhaps listen?

And, as if Klein senses the fact that what he’s presented is well on its way to being touted as the newest example for that which defines “lame”, he resorts to race baiting:

But look, let’s call a spade a spade: When Giuliani sneered about community organizers on the “South side” of Chicago, it’s pretty clear what he was saying: Barack Obama spent his time rabble-rousing among black people.

Yeah, Ezra, that’s surely what it means. After all it couldn’t just be a statement of fact, could it?

It’s pretty standard in election contests to see partisans defending the indefensible, but the Obamatons have really been forced into saying (and apparently believing) silly things about the Obamas. This is a community-based reality, so statements like “He is a listener” are greeted with enthusiasm and treated as the end of the argument. Don’t you know, listeners are by definition more experienced than mayors. Or governors. And we don’t ever, ever make fun of people who do nothing and have no responsibilities but to listen.

The sarcasm that Giuliani and Palin shot at Obama’s “community organizer” credential was a genius counterattack for his insistence on referring to Palin as the Mayor of Wassily (sic) and ignoring her time as governor. Now the Obamatons can busy themselves trying to spin Obama’s few accomplishments as a community organizer into a grand resume. Meanwhile, Obama can run crying to Mama, “But what about when I was a civil rights lawyer or a law professor?”

No wonder Ezra Klein wants to short circuit the whole thing by just crying “Racism!” It would get pretty uncomfortable having to actually discuss the series of short-term jobs Obama has flittered to and from. The man hasn’t actually held one job for any length of time at all. And now he’s trying to skip out on his latest engagement two years early.

Later: To be fair, I’m sure a community organizer does something. But it sounds like one of those bullshit jobs used as filler in a weak resume.

“It says here in between being an Albertson’s sacker and volunteering for Joe Sharps for City Council you were a ‘community organizer.’ What’s this about ‘raising consciousness?'”

“Well, um, I, ah, photocopied posters and, um, put them up around town. -Well, ah, I, not the whole town. Four blocks on the South Side.”

“Okay, great. We’ve got some more interviews, but we’ll be sure to call you.”

Please, Obambi, could we talk about this for another news cycle? Thanks.

And S. Weasel observes:

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~ by Gabriel Malor on September 5, 2008.

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