Clinton Whip Team Promises to Keep Her Delegates in Line; Obama Thinks It’s Swell

Okay, just how gullible are the Obama people? They’re afraid that Clinton supporters are going to create an embarrassing ruckus at the convention. Tantrums, kazoos, creme pies, the usual. Understandable. But, their solution is to work with the Clinton campaign to give out floor passes to even more Clinton supporters who pinky swear to keep her delegates on their best behavior.

Uh huh. Like a babe to the slaughter.

Clinton spokesperson Kathleen Strand emphasized the team would not seek to convince delegates to vote for the former first lady, but would hand out Clinton signs to supporters who requested them.

“We have been and are working closely with the Obama campaign to make sure we have an exciting and unified convention,” Strand said. “Our delegate whips, along with the Obama delegate whips, are a part of a team that will be on the floor of the convention to make sure delegates have everything they need, whether that’s answering questions or passing out signs during Hillary’s speech. The whips are a traditional part of every convention’s floor operations.”

That last part is true, though there aren’t usually two separate (competing?) teams. For reasons passing understanding, the Obama people are still trying to push the idea that the party is united behind one candidate. I suppose there must be one or two idiots left who actually believe that and who will be fooled when the guys with Obama signs frantically push their way between Clinton supporters and the cameras. The fact that Obama is giving instructions to screen Clinton supporters from media attention reveals just how worried he is.

~ by Gabriel Malor on August 20, 2008.

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