Leftists Shitting Themselves over Missile Shield Deal

We had it in Headlines yesterday that the U.S. and Poland wrapped up their years-long negotiation on an anti-ballistic missile shield surprisingly fast. This has made Russia pretty uncomfortable (uncomfortable enough to threaten a nuclear strike on Poland), and when the completely reformed, 100% former Reds get their panties in a twist you can be sure that American Leftists won’t be far behind.

My favorite by far was the response of Armando Llorens, coblogger at Talkleft, who wrote:

We are ruled by lunatics. I can think of no good reason for the United States to have a missile defense system in Poland, EXCEPT to provoke Russia. To ANNOUNCE such a deal NOW, given the situation in the Caucasus, is simply madness.

At least he was able to puzzle out the significance of the deal. The folks over at DailyKos are still trying to figure out what we did wrong and how we can placate the bear:

I wonder how this is going to look to Russia that the US completes a deal now. Given the tension on both sides because of the Georgia conflict, surely they would have been better to wait on a deal to try and pacify the obvious Russian resistance. It looks like Russia might have just found a new reason to be angry. Is it me, or are the administration intentionally stoking the fires now?

Meanwhile, the genocide of thousands of South Ossetians that Russia reported? 45 dead. Thanks to DrewM for the link.


~ by Gabriel Malor on August 15, 2008.

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