“Abs We Can Believe In” Blogger Can’t Understand Why McCain Campaign is Making Fun of Topless Obama Reporting

I spotted this when I was poking around for missile shield quotes and thought it was too much. Matt Yglesias complains:

First we learned that real men don’t inflate the tires on their car properly, and now the RNC is mocking Barack Obama for taking his shirt off at the beach.

The guy doesn’t realize that “the RNC” (actually it was the John McCain campaign, as the very page he links to makes clear) was making fun of the reporting of Obama’s vacation, not the mere fact that Obama takes his shirt off at the beach. The McCain campaign continued to push its latest attack theme: “You know you may just be a global celebrity when you get this headline in Reuters, ‘Obama Takes Shirt Off Again, Goes Body Surfing In Hawaii.'”

And why shouldn’t the campaign mock the coverage Obama is getting? Just two hours earlier Matt wrote a post entitled “Abs We Can Believe In” that consisted of nothing except a shirtless picture of Obama and this suggestion:

What if Barack Obama challenges John McCain to a series of topless debates?

Major warning on that last link, BTW. Obama is clearly not getting the benefit of all those gym memberships.

~ by Gabriel Malor on August 15, 2008.

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