Ossetia War Update: President Bush Press Conference

President Bush is holding a press conference in the Rose Garden about the conflict in Georgia. We’ll see if he says anything new.

His previous statement calling for an end to the fighting and for international mediation is here.

And here is John McCain’s most recent condemnation of Russian aggression, in which he intimates that Russia should be kicked out of the G8.

Yes, it’s just words, but words matter.

More: It was a very short statement from the President.

President Bush acknowledges that Russia’s claims to be merely protecting South Ossetians are spurious. His solution remains the same as on Saturday: an end to violence and a return to the status quo ante. He does not back that up with any threat of diplomatic or military action.

Of most interest to me is that the President confirms reports that the Tbilisi airport has come under attack. The destruction of the airport will strand foreigners in Georgia and make it difficult to send humanitarian aid or other supplies to the conflict zone.

Wannabe-President Obama is expected to make his own statement shortly.

And more: Well crap. As interesting as it is to contrast McCain and Obama’s statements on Georgia, President Bush was the only man who could actually have done anything about it. From that statement it appears that he does not intend to get involved.

All of my Ossetia War coverage can be viewed in chronological order here.


~ by Gabriel Malor on August 11, 2008.

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