Ossetia War Update: Georgia Recalls Troops From Iraq

Yes, there is more in the news today than Democractic sex, which, frankly, I’m already tired of thinking about. The Georgia situation is worth keeping an eye on.

Georgia has announced that it will recall its troops from Iraq. We trained several thousand Georgian soldiers over the past few years and also have kept advisers to the Georgian Security Council. 2,000 Georgian troops currently support our efforts in Iraq, making it the third largest contributor to the Iraq War coalition. Logistically, they cannot just leave on a minute’s notice; they don’t have the means to transport all the troops at once. Georgian President Saakashvili says the recall will begin tomorrow.

Expect updates on the war until I decide that it’s not going to become a larger problem. As Drew mentioned to me earlier today, “I’ve heard this before…oh yeah Summer 1914.”

All of my Ossetia War coverage can be viewed in chronological order here.


~ by Gabriel Malor on August 8, 2008.

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