DNC Protestors Vow to Appeal Freedom Cage Ruling…In the Streets!

Yesterday I mentioned that a federal court had upheld Denver’s plan to confine convention protesters to a fenced area of the parking lot which they have amusingly dubbed a “freedom cage.” This evening, one of those protester groups announced that it would appeal by means of a little civil disobedience:

An organizer for one of the groups planning large-scale protests during the Democratic National Convention said Thursday it will challenge “in the streets of Denver” a federal judge’s decision to restrict access to the Pepsi Center.

“We’re going to vote with our feet, and we’re going to vote in the streets,” said Glenn Spagnuolo of the Re-create 68 Alliance.

“We’re going to take our marches right to the gates of the Pepsi Center, and we’re going to push the limits of that security zone, because sooner or later, at some time or another, Americans need to start resisting and say no, enough is enough,” Spagnuolo said.

He added that his group does not plan to be violent.

That final assurance is sadly necessary and—given the propensities of the radical left—unbelievable. I’m stocking up on popcorn and praying for the health and safety of the Denver PD and the Secret Service.


~ by Gabriel Malor on August 7, 2008.

One Response to “DNC Protestors Vow to Appeal Freedom Cage Ruling…In the Streets!”

  1. All this talk about riots at the 1968 DNC. What planet are you living on? Protesters were beaten by the police. It was not the other way around. Ginsberg was chanting oooom and throwing daisies at people!

    Doesn’t anyone remember the footage of police wading in to the crowds, smashing heads with batons?

    You pray. I will be at the convention, defending my self, and my freedom of speech.

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