It’s All Relative; McCain Now More Trusted Than Obama on Nine of Fourteen Issues

The question is not whether you trust John McCain, it’s whether you trust him more than you do Barack Obama.

Perhaps the most interesting finding of these polls is that McCain has expanded his leads on nearly every issue he had previously had the advantage on, while Obama’s leads have diminished over the past two weeks. […]

In the new survey, McCain has tripled his lead on the topic of immigration. He now has a 45% to 36% advantage over his Democratic opponent, up from a three-point lead two weeks ago.

The Republican also has pulled ahead on the issue of balancing the federal budget. Two weeks ago, the candidates were tied on this issue at 40%. McCain now has a 43% to 40% lead on the issue among voters.

McCain used to be behind on the issue of Social Security but has pulled ahead of Obama for a 44% to 38% lead. […]

The economy is the top issue for the majority of voters this election season. Voters have consistently trusted the Democratic Party more on this issue, but the two presidential candidates are tied at 45% as to who voters trust more. A week prior, Obama had a statistically insignificant one percentage point lead on the issue.

Obama can’t seem to find a strategy that works. He had a decent bounce when he wrapped up the Democratic nomination, but it’s been downhill from there. His flip-floppery “inartful” position adjustments made even his own supporters nervous. His world tour didn’t help him with moderates. His appeal to racism made things worse. And no matter his particular stance on issues, voters are losing confidence that he has any idea at all what he is doing.

He thought he could get some traction on energy, but was outflanked—first by his own stupid tire pressure statement, and later by a blond heiress. Now voters chose McCain 46% to 42% on energy issues. McCain has stayed on the attack, announcing on Monday that if he were president, he would call Congress back into session.

In the meantime, Obama goes on vacation in two days. He’ll be sunning himself while Hillary Clinton takes over the campaign trail “on his behalf.” Good ideeaa??


~ by Gabriel Malor on August 6, 2008.

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