Denver Issues Parade Permit for Clinton Supporters

Clinton supporters still at it:

Hillary Clinton supporters will march through Denver during the Democratic National Convention to show appreciation for the New York senator’s historic primary run and urge the party to place her name in nomination.

The city issued a permit Tuesday to Colorado Women Count/Women Vote for a parade on Aug. 26 – the 88th anniversary of women’s suffrage and the date Clinton is rumored to be speaking at the DNC.

The group also will team with 18 Million Voices, a national organization of Clinton supporters, for a rally in a yet-to-be-determined Denver park.

“We just want to celebrate Hillary’s accomplishments and what she’s done for the country as a whole and women in particular,” said Katherine Vincent, 55, of Louisville, who is organizing the parade and rally.

Vincent is among those passionate followers who believe Clinton’s delegates have a right to vote for her at the convention.

Best Democratic primary ev— ah, hell, you know the drill.

More: Howard Fineman discusses Obama’s troubles with the Clintons:

On Tuesday, I was on the phone with one of Hillary Clinton’s leading fundraisers, a woman who agreed to speak with me only if I promised not to name names.

She was on vacation along the coast of New England, and was telling me that she and her wealthy, well-connected Hillary-loving friends remain mystified and annoyed.

“It’s not that we’re being dismissed,” she said. “The Obama people are perfectly happy to have our support. But their attitude seems to be, ‘we can win without you.’ And I guess that’s why none of us is going from rah-rah Hillary to rah-rah Obama.”

Go read the whole thing. Ponder especially why we’re hearing so much about Dick Cheney not speaking at the GOP convention and nothing about how Bill Clinton, a popular (for them) former president, has no role set for the Denver convention.


~ by Gabriel Malor on August 6, 2008.

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