A Response to the NY Times’ “Blogging’s Glass Ceiling”

Now there’s an antpile I’m too smart to kick over. Fortunately, the Other McCain has no fear of being cut off for life. A taste:

If there’s anything in the world I hate, it’s women reporters writing “Oh, we’re so oppressed” stories in the New York Times[…]

Ladies, please: If your blog sucks, it’s not because of some patriarchal conspiracy, OK? And as for making money, you could almost certainly fit into my living room every independent blogger who earns a full-time living off blogging. Generally speaking, bloggers either have some other job to support their blogging habit, or else they’re “blogging for the man” (e.g., the Atlantic Monthly bloggers, the Gawker cartel, etc.).

He’s got the right idea, but crosses a line somewhere between “get me a cup of coffee, hon” and “so cute when they’re angry.” You be the judge.

~ by Gabriel Malor on July 26, 2008.

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