McCain and Obama Agree to Joint Appearance…Where They Don’t Have to Talk to Each Other

As much as Obama would like to give the impression that he’s not afraid of John McCain, you’d think he could come up with something better than this. He has agreed to appear on the same stage as McCain in August.

In an interview, Mr. Warren said over the weekend that the presidential candidates would appear together for a moment but that he would interview them in succession at his megachurch. […]

Mr. Warren, the author of the best-selling book “The Purpose-Driven Life,” said he had called each man personally to invite him to his event, which will focus on how they make decisions and on some of Mr. Warren’s main areas of focus, like AIDS, poverty and the environment.

I don’t know anything about Rick Warren, but doesn’t this virtually guarantee that he is only hours or days from either saying something incredibly stupid or being discovered to have said something incredibly stupid years ago? Given the track records of the other men of faith to get involved in this election it wouldn’t be a surprise. He’s now got the bad juju of both candidates to deal with.

Also, click the link if you want to read about James Dobson’s transparent attempt to limp back into the spotlight. In a stunning and simply unpredictable reversal, he says that “the possibility is there” that he might endorse John McCain. Oh, he’s not going to do it right now. But he’s considering it for the next time he feels like he’s not getting enough attention.

It’s probably unfair, but religious folk involved in politics always feel slimy to me. I think it’s the result of blessedly apolitical parishes growing up.


~ by Gabriel Malor on July 20, 2008.

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