Obama’s Birth Certificate Rumors

Jim Geraghty at Campaign Spot says that Obama could kill some rumors by releasing his birth certificate. He’s thinking of three rumors in particular: (1) whether Obama was really born in Kenya; (2) whether Obama middle name is not “Hussein”, but is instead “Muhammad”; and (3) that his birth name is “Barry” rather than “Barack.” Click over to read the whole thing, which is laid out in much more detail.

I hadn’t actually heard any of those rumors before and they certainly wouldn’t be the first thing I looked for if I had the chance to look at Obama’s birth certificate. The first thing I would use the birth certificate to debunk is the nagging rumor of Obama’s religion at birth. I don’t know about Hawaiian birth certificates, but mine from Texas has spaces for religion of the parents and child. A glimpse of Obama’s form should end the ridiculous rumor that he’s a secret Muslim, shouldn’t it?

More: Michelle Malkin has a good reply to Obama’s typical response:

Lest the Obama campaign start whining about this issue being an unfair “distraction,” John McCain underwent intense scrutiny of his citizenship status because of his birth in the Panama Canal zone, leading the Senate to declare him a natural-born citizen in April.

It is no distraction to expect candidates to tell the truth about themselves and to provide proof of their claims when there is any doubt. Credibility issues are always relevant.

~ by Gabriel Malor on June 10, 2008.

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  1. I wonder if his birth certificate is not printed on a cue card, would he be able to read it?

  2. The Liberal News Media would like to see said issue fade away by ignoring it, otherwise they would have produced such birth certificate, yet the issue is not where he was born but where is he planning to take the USA with his mantra about “change” Once elected he would have the bull by its horns and pull a Fidel Castro like betrayal on his country and so called revolution declaring himself (once his power base was consolidated and once the weapons and guns were surrendered by the Cuban people) a Marxist Leninist and after 50 years, Cuba is morally and economically devastated and in ruins. Obama will sit and talk to Castro to further the anguish and torment inflicted on the cuban people for the past 50 years. Obama better watch out.

  3. I know this appears to be a fact free zone, but a copy of Obama’s birth certificate has surfaced:

    Looks like he’s not going to allow any swift boating, so all you fascists might actually have to come up with policies people might actually like, instead of lies, smears, hate, imperialism and Nazism.

  4. Thanks for the info Jonas and also the comedy.

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  6. Interesting. The copies that are floating on the Daily Kos and which were released by the Obama campaign lack an embossed seal at the bottom right, have no registation number in the upper right and say `filed by the registrar” instead of “accepted by the registarr” You will find these 3 items on an offical Hawaiian birth certificate. This issue has got to be solved before the election

  7. Birth Certificates do not include religion. They are state health records. It’s highly unlikely that the financiers of a major political campaign would not have asked the Hawaii Department of Health for a copy.

  8. Go to Right Side News and you will find several well written articles on Barack’s birth certificate or lack of a genune one…I still have my doubts, but the US Supremre Ct. has now requested the said certificate by Dec. 1st. Let us hope Barack can disclose it and we can put this issue to rest!

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