ABC (Australia) Game Calculates When You Should Die For Using Up Your “Fair Share” of Earth’s Resources

The game intended for children, “Planet Slayer,” is on the Australian Broadcasting Co. website. It’s not actually much of a game; it’s just PC propaganda software. Users are supposed to answer questions about their lifestyle and the game calculates how much of a “greenhouse pig” they are. It then compares the user to “the Average Aussie greenhouse pig” and to “an environmentally-sustainable ‘green’ pig.”

For added fun, click on the skull and bones to have it calculate the age at which you should die so as not to use more than your fair share of the Earth’s resources.

I still wasn’t convinced that this wasn’t some bizarre humor or parody gone wrong. But ABC says that it is a serious attempt to engage children in environmental issues. The TV network says it will review the content, but it’s clear they have no idea why people are objecting.

Going after children is pretty common for environmentalists. You’ve got to get ’em before they become mindless consumers, after all. I remember when I was in elementary school there were a million “Save the Rainforest” events and “Plant a Tree” ceremonies. Looking back on it I’m surprised my parents put up with us bringing home all that crap all the time.

Thanks, once again, to Watts Up With That?


~ by Gabriel Malor on June 1, 2008.

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