Clinton Supporters Have a Good Cry; Obama Supporters Rub It In

This is a popcorn moment too good to let pass.

Lanny Davis, former Clinton White House Counsel and Hillary Head Cheerleader, has been all over print, television, and ‘net media complaining about Obama. Here he is today at Huffington Post whining about the “four things that the Obama campaign couldn’t resist doing to anger Clinton supporters.”

1. Couldn’t resist waiting one day after Sen. Clinton won West Virginia by 41 points to announce John Edwards endorsement.2. Couldn’t resist waiting to win majority of ALL delegates (not just pledged delegates) to do victory lap speech in Iowa the night Hillary won Kentucky by 36 points.

3. Couldn’t resist waiting to win majority of all delegates to announce Jim Johnson as VP search committee head — the first candidate in my memory ever to do so while his chief opponent is still fighting for nomination — and winning in last primary in crucial border state by 36 points (Kentucky).

4. Couldn’t resist listing Bill Richardson as under consideration for Veep – the one Red Flag name that infuriates even moderate Clinton supporters the most…

Davis plays “concern troll” in this effort to explain to the Obama campaign that it will need Clinton supporters in the general election. That’s true, but proponents of the Clinton Deep Game theory (or whatever it is we’re calling that) will probably read it not as advice for Obama, but as an attempt to rile up Clinton supporters. After all, it’s never too early to start building that anger that they’ll need to sustain them through to a McCain victory. Especially since Obama is only 48 delegates from crossing the finish line.

The fun over at HuffPo doesn’t stop there. Obama supporters chime in to finish off the list:

More Things the Obama Campaign Couldn’t Resist to Anger Clinton Supporters: 1. Enter the race.
2. Be so damn likable and inspirational.
3. Be a better candidate.
4. Win election contests – even in states like Iowa, Maine, Idaho, Wyoming, Minnesota, and Wisconsin where hard working White people live.
5. Encourage real people to send him money.
6. Be so solid on women’s issues that NARAL threw their support behind him.
7. Draw huge crowds.
8. Appropriate hip-hop gesture from Jay-Z and not look stiff doing it.
9. Establish meaningful grass roots campaign organizations in all 50 states and U.S. territories.
10. Win in the South.
11. Win in the Northwest and Mountain states.
12. Win in the Midwest.
13. Always look unflappable.
14. Play by the rules of the DNC in Michigan and Florida… just like the other Democratic candidates other than Hillary.
15. Win over superdelegates, including many formerly committed to Hillary.
16. Not cheat on his wife.
17. Give citizens hope for the future.
18. Call Hillary out on that STUPID gas tax idea.
19. Write his own game-changing, law-dropping speech on race relations.
20. Not hire Mark Penn.

I think number 16 is hitting a little below the belt.

Later: Oh, I hope, I hope, I hope. The N.Y. Times blog reports:

The Democratic National Committee is bracing itself for protests outside its Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting on Saturday in Washington, where the fates of the Florida and Michigan primaries could finally be decided.[…]

“They’re coming up on buses, they’re taking the train, they’re Metro-ing, they’re coming up with friends,” said Allida Black, a professor at George Washington University and an event organizer. “We’re trying to flood it.”

All I want for Christmas is some fisticuffs. I promise, Santa. I can be good for the rest of the year.


~ by Gabriel Malor on May 27, 2008.

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