These Signs Forerun the Death or Fall of Kings

An unusual coincidence was caught on tape the day of the Sichuan Earthquake. If the poster is to be believed, strange lights were seen in the skies north and east of the epicenter just prior to the disaster.

That video was taken 10 minutes before the quake. Click here to see similar video from further west and 20 minutes earlier. There’s more info in the sidebar description.

He suggests that it was caused by electromagnetic emanations from the quake (aka “earthquake light“), but it looks a lot like a circumhorizontal arc to me.

Circumhorizon arcs are cloud refraction phenomena that look like horizontal rainbows. They are supposed to be pretty rare, which makes its appearance over Sichuan Province minutes before the deadliest Chinese quake in 30 years a bit a coincidence. Perhaps it will remind some that we we are fooling ourselves if we think that we have any great understanding or influence over the world we live on.

Of course, commenters at Youtube are already insisting that the phenomena is proof that the U.S. triggered the quake with a space-based superweapon.


~ by Gabriel Malor on May 20, 2008.

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