Et tu, Johnson? Pledged Delegates Not So Pledged As We Were Led to Believe

An Obama-turned-Clinton supporter, Jack Johnson, was selected in consultation with the Clinton campaign to be a pledged delegate for Maryland at the convention. That was February. Now, he’s changed his mind.

“I cannot in good conscience go to the convention and not support Barack,” Johnson said in an interview. “She ran a great campaign, but she fell short of the line.”

This is Johnson’s second change of heart in the race. He had allowed his name to be listed as a supporter by the Obama campaign in December.

Unlike superdelegates, who are free to endorse either candidate, Johnson is one of 28 pledged delegates who have agreed to represent the 36 percent of Maryland Democrats who voted for Clinton on Feb. 12.

Johnson was mad in love with Obama in December, but couldn’t pass up the chance to be a pledged delegate for Clinton. He got what he wanted and now it’s time to drive home the dagger. His reasoning:

“My job is to bring unity, and we will not have unity in Maryland if Barack Obama is not the nominee,” he said.

I’m going to miss it when this farce of a nominating contest is over.


~ by Gabriel Malor on May 13, 2008.

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