Making Some Changes

Things may be appearing and disappearing as I try some new things. I wasn’t all that happy with the look before (and I’m not all that enthusiastic about my options for changing it). But I am getting what I’m paying for!

The idea was to make it a little more readable, which means I was hoping for a simple template, fixed width, with black text on a white background. Everything they had was less than acceptable, though, and once that went out the window, I just got lost.

I suspect that I’m on a slow migration towards breaking out of WordPress, but we’ll see. Suggestions are appreciated.

~ by Gabriel Malor on May 12, 2008.

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  1. WordPress is, from my experience, the best of them in terms of the availability of good themes. Howewver, if you want to edit your styles directly, you have to give them a money (and learn a bit of CSS).

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