Well, that’s it for school. Graduation, here I come.

~ by Gabriel Malor on May 8, 2008.

7 Responses to “FREE AT LAST!”

  1. congratulations… you must be psyched. From now on it’s nothing but hookers and bumper pool!

  2. Congratulations. It’s been a few years for me, but I can still remember the feeling of relief to walk out the door that last time. Woohoooooo !!!!!!!!!

  3. Congrats! Now it’s just a matter of taking over the world and working your will upon it, and then you can retire to an island retreat populated by nubile nymphomaniacs and beta males eager to obey your commands and accomplish your remaining nefarious goals.

  4. Ah, I remember finishing grad school. There I was, on my way to a career in Academia…then I sobered up and got a real job.


  5. I just finished with grad school last night myself and I feel like staring a blank wall for a long time and humming tunelessly. It sounds like you’re in much better shape, LOL. Congratuations, way to go! =)

  6. I finished law school in December, one of the best days ever, not for pride reasons, but just glad I didn’t need to lug those heavy ass red books around anymore. Like….ever.

    Of course now comes the bar.

  7. Oh, and congrats, was channeling my angst.

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