Democratic Senator Threatens Blacks With Slavery

I love state legislators. No, really, they are often the craziest and most outspoken politicians. For example, my own home state’s Sally Kern is just the tip of the iceberg. I volunteered for a state rep’s campaign for state senator back in college and by the time election day rolled around, I was hoping that he would lose. He did.

But Brian at Snapped Shot has a Pennsylvania state senator that has Kern beat:

A state senator told a black pastor testifying at a committee hearing that, given the chance to cast secret ballots, his fellow legislators would vote to legalize slavery.

Sen. Vincent J. Fumo, D-Philadelphia, made the comments Tuesday during a hearing on a Republican-sponsored bill to amend the state Constitution to outlaw same-sex marriages and civil unions, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported on its Web site Wednesday.

“What you are advocating here is that we take away the rights of a minority. And I don’t think that’s right,” Fumo, a staunch defender of gay rights, told the witness, Gilbert Coleman Jr., senior pastor of Freedom Christian Bible Fellowship in Philadelphia.

He added, “If we introduced a bill on slavery, it might pass. That doesn’t make it right.”

Coleman, who was testifying in favor of the measure, responded: “I doubt that sir.” “Oh, don’t bet on it in this General Assembly,” Fumo countered. “I know some people up here, especially on a secret ballot, it would be almost unanimous.

The emphasis is Brian’s, though this isn’t actually all that surprising. A Democratic politician calls his fellow legislators racist? Snore. Like I didn’t see that one coming a mile away. Brian has the real juice though:

What do you think the headline would have been if this were a Republican’s remarks?

I’m betting on, “Republican Senator Threatens Blacks With Slavery.”

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~ by Gabriel Malor on May 1, 2008.

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