Where’s Gabe?

There will be light-to-nonexistent posting for a few days. It’s finals and I have to pretend to be a law student for a few more weeks.

Hey, think about this:

Someone ended up at my blog today on the google search

“sex games for adults dot com”

I’m on the second page of results, right next to Wil Wheaton!

~ by Gabriel Malor on April 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “Where’s Gabe?”

  1. I get “Fat Men In Diapers” alot. I even did a full post about it as well to hopefully tell google how pissed I was at it.


    You know I’ve been talking to ++ about this in length. Someone needs to collect all of the wierd searches people use to get to other’s sites and post them.

  2. I wrote a post on Michelle Obama and Teresa Heinz-Kerry a while back, and now I get all these hits from Sweden from Swedes who have googled the name “Michelle Heinz”, and I can’t figure out who she is.

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