L.A. Times gets punk’d?

I first heard that Brett Favre was sniffing around for a new team on Tuesday so I did what any reasonable person did that day and assumed it was an April Fools joke. But L.A. Times writer Sam Farmer reported on it this morning:

According to NFL sources, Favre’s agent has quietly inquired with teams about their interest in trading for the three-time NFL most valuable player.Favre, 38, has yet to give written notice of his retirement to the league or the players’ union, although that’s neither required nor irrevocable. It’s also not uncommon for players to delay in doing so, particularly if they are not in immediate need of their pension money.

Sure Favre didn’t seem wild about retiring (ahem), but that was a pretty fast turnaround. His agent says, “That is absolutely false. Absolutely false, and you can quote me on that.”

What do you guys think? Fact or fiction?


~ by Gabriel Malor on April 3, 2008.

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