The Left Cannot Contain Their Glee: “Surge on Verge of Collapse!”

Based on this ridiculous video report the Guardian posted yesterday.

Several Lefty bloggers are jizzing in their shorts over the report’s claim that the surge is failing because Iraqis who joined “Awakening counsels” are rumbling about a strike. How messed up is that? Apparently the surge will succeed or fail based only on the anger of some Iraqis in Diyala.

But back up a minute. They want Al Qaeda to stop beheading their children and burying people alive, but not enough, I guess, to fight back unless the U.S. pays them for it. So they’re striking. WTF, mate? That’s a dangerous game. Will the Americans pay off these patriots mercenaries before Al Qaeda shows up? Stay tuned.

I love this quote from the report:

“…for the last year, these men have been doing the unthinkable: working with the Americans to rid their town of Al Qaeda extremists.”

Working with the Americans is “the unthinkable”? What about simply defending your homes? How much do we have to pay you to do that? Jebus.

On the other hand, the piece unequivocally describes Al Qaeda’s terror activities in Iraq and the purported blessing Osama bin Laden gave to targeting members of the Awakenings. I hope that means we won’t have to hear any more “reality-based” screeds about quiting Iraq so we can focus our resources on fighting Al Qaeda.

Bonus: Taiwan’s government just announced that they are “on strike” until someone pays them to oppose the PRC and assert autonomy. The Lebanese foreign minister quickly followed suit, saying “Unless Western aid arrives we’re just going to cede the whole place to Syria.”

Quick, I don’t have my Stuff Jefferson Said, 5th ed. with me. Anything in there about strikes?

~ by Gabriel Malor on March 21, 2008.

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