Headline: “Teens Have Sex But Don’t Have the Facts”

Well, duh. You’d think that the Internet would have ended this kind of naivete.

In a co-ed forum, the teens pondered contraception. One well-meaning young man stood and said aluminum foil could be used in lieu of a condom. Other teens offered up myths such as the efficacy of plastic baggies, having sex while standing and bathing right after sex.Adults in attendance informed the students that none of those methods protected against unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases.

Aluminum foil? Owie.

If you click through, be aware that the op-ed is aggressively pro-sex ed with contraceptive instruction and downright insulting to advocates of abstinence-only education. I can’t say I disagree, considering the insane behavior of my own first times, but the author is a little over the top. Then again, I don’t have a child in this fight.


~ by Gabriel Malor on March 17, 2008.

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