It’s Like They’re Speaking a Different Language

Spotted over the weekend, with momentary confusion:

[Allrounder Jacob Oram] will lose 20 percent of his match fee after being found guilty of breaching the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) code of conduct.Oram was cited by on-field umpires Rudi Koertzen and Steve Davis Oram after being adjudged leg before wicket to fast bowler Ryan Sidebottom.

The ICC said in a statement Sunday that after Davis raised his finger, Oram “openly showed dissent at the decision by looking at the bat first and then followed it up by a punch on the bat”.

Lorem Ipsum New International Edition™

When they’re digging through the ruins of Commonwealth civilization in 500 years, hands will be clenched, lips will be tightened, and heads will knowingly nod when they uncover the International Cricket Code of Conduct.


~ by Gabriel Malor on March 16, 2008.

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