But Sex Workers Are Known For Their Honesty

“Kristen’s” friends and neighbors are disputing her MySpace claims of a youth of poverty, abuse, drugs, and occasional homelessness.

It’s a tough image to reconcile with the wealthy surroundings of a childhood spent with her mother, older brother and stepfather, an oral surgeon.The white brick home in an upscale development near the Jersey Shore, is bordered with manicured shrubs and a wide, curved driveway. Large brass letters spell “PEACE” above the polished, auburn wood door. A similar house next door, where one of Dupré’s close childhood friends still lives, is on the market for more than $1.5 million, according to its owner.

The idea of a woman who has no choice but to turn to prostitution to pull herself out of the gutter may have been armor for Kristen, some kind of excuse or justification for behavior that she knew was wrong. Poverty, abuse, and homelessness make for a better story than BMWs, cheerleading, and million-dollar homes.


~ by Gabriel Malor on March 15, 2008.

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