What Goes Around Comes Around

Brian from snappedshot notes some copyright irregularities in the legacy media. The wire services have been lifting some photos of “Kristen” without permission:

Three attorneys who specialize in copyright law say media organizations are sailing in dangerous waters if they publish a personal snapshot without permission.”Whoever took that picture owns that picture,” says New York attorney Nancy Wolff. “It’s either an infringement or they [the news outlets] have to make a fair use argument.”

Wolff says the news organizations probably decided the risk of a lawsuit was low. They also probably considered competitive pressure as other sources published the same photos. “It’s a fast business decision,” Wolff says.

Of course, given enough publicity, the risk of a lawsuit increases dramatically. I wouldn’t be too comfortable if I were the wire services. Kristen is happily making a bundle on this whole mess. A friend of hers who took that photo probably wouldn’t mind getting in on the action.

Click on over to Brian’s for more links about a photographer who risked life and limb for photos that CNN has repeatedly used without permission. Also, our very own doubleplusundead has an amusing question and observation.


~ by Gabriel Malor on March 14, 2008.

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