It’s Far Worse Than I Dreamed

I’m not going to stay up for the final delegate tally, which I don’t expect will be done ’til tomorrow anyway, but I do have a few thoughts about tonight’s contests.

First, I was quite wrong about Clinton needing to drop out now. She still won’t have the delegate lead, but it’s not like Obama is close to the finish line. It looks like there will be a few more nights like this, at the very least, before the race is won.

Second, when did Ohio and Texas become “Obama’s states to lose,” as I just heard someone say on FOX News? Clinton was long-expected to take both states handily until Obama surged in the polls last week and all the commentators (including me) convinced themselves that he was unstoppable. The same thing happened in New Hampshire, if you will recall. Obama’s real defeat tonight isn’t in the numbers, which really aren’t so bad. It’s in his failure to meet the media’s expectations.

Third, so far as we know, at least two AOSHQ cobloggers have cast strategic cross-over votes, something that I would not have anticipated a year ago. This election is turning everything upside down. However, I can’t help but think that a word of caution is in order, especially when it comes to keeping Clinton’s candidacy alive. I’ve just got that ringing danger-sense in the back of my head. I feel like an American citizen wandering at night in a Central American city. It’s exciting and there’s plenty of fun to be had and it sometimes feels a lot like home, but things can go so much more catastrophically wrong than back home and you can always feel it nagging. What if Clinton wins?

Also, moron Verity Kindle put it colorfully in the comments:

Seven more weeks?! I, unfortunately, live in Filthydelphia and every damn time I go to my favorite pizza place, she’s on the giant television, blaring away in her civil-defense-siren screech. That woman could peel paint with just her voice! I can’t take it anymore! My pizza tastes like Hillary!! She..just…won’t…die. SweetBabyBuddha, please let me have a nice peaceful bolt of lightning before I have to see her rictus of a smile stretched one more time across Stavros’s Pizza Coliseum 40-inch flatscreen. My humble meal is as ashes in my mouth. ThankyewAymen.

I agree wholeheartedly.

Finally, thank God that Huckabee is getting off the stage. Maybe we won’t have to hear from him for eight years, huh?


~ by Gabriel Malor on March 5, 2008.

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