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As Drew writes, we’ve been having some technical difficulties. However, the MSNBC debate is ongoing and it’s been really bad for Clinton so far. Obama has had some unfortunate moments, too. I’ve been keeping track as I get some work done and a partial account of what happened (times are Pacific) is tucked into the extended entry.

FIRST THOUGHTS: Again, this is a win for Obama by default. No real fireworks occurred during the debate, certainly nothing that blunts Obama’s momentum. He’s ahead now and will stay that way.

Also, her ugliness during the first hour of the debate will be replayed endlessly for the next week. There’s no way she’s coming back in Texas and I suspect she’s going to have much more of a fight in Ohio than she thought. I continue to think that we’ll see her bow out on March 4th or 5th.

6:– Clinton whines about always getting the first-at-bat. This is presidential material? She doesn’t think the president of the U.S. is always going to be faced with the tough questions before anyone else?

6:36 Obama says that McCain said that we would be “at war” in Iraq in 100 years. That’s not what he said, he said that we would still have bases in Iraq, IIRC.

6:41 Obama dissembles about whether he said in August that he would bomb Pakistan. At the time, he said we should strike targets in Pakistan without permission.

6:45 Clinton harshes on Russert’s hypotheticals. She sounds massively pissed off. She doesn’t answer the question (about Iraq), but shifts to Afghanistan and NATO.

6:48 Clinton freaks and she is overridden by Williams going to commercial. I would be very afraid if I were him.

6:59 MSNBC has not done a good job with this. Their gimmick for this debate is the video-references to the previous statements of the candidates. However, it feels like they’ve got a set number to get through, so they’re forcing them down the throats of the candidates without giving them time to respond to each other. It’s lame and it’s probably frustrating the candidates and it makes MSNBC look terrible.

7:03 Russert is way too “GOTCHA” with crazy eyes and strident tone. And holding up his little pieces of paper as proof of his assertions. Dude needs to back off before Clinton and Obama team up to strangle him with his own tie. Justifiably, in my opinion.

7:06 Clinton too busy to get her taxes together, but she says she’ll do it and release them eventually. Same for her papers as First Lady. Is it that she knows she’ll have dropped out of the race before that promise comes due?

7:21 Russert again shows up with a GOTCHA question about Putin’s successor. I expect his follow up will be “Name that successor.” I suppose it’s not too much to expect Clinton and Obama to know about this, generally. OH I WAS RIGHT! And she named him (sorta).

7:25 This softball is directed to Clinton so she can withdraw her vote for war in Iraq. And she goes right there.

7:28 Obama wants to undo his non-vote on the Terry Schiavo matter.

7:29 And Obama tries to replicate Clinton’s touching speech last week. “Hope” and “change” is the undertone, though it is not mentioned. He is also funny and gracious and overall comes across much better than Clinton has so far in the debate.

7:31 Williams wants them to direct one question that absolutely must be answered by the other. Obama says, “no thanks.” Clinton asks, “who can actually change the country.” Claims again that her experience makes her the best choice. Doesn’t really direct anything to Obama.


~ by Gabriel Malor on February 26, 2008.

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