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Some stories that are currently rocking the wires:

1. The Danish parliament has okayed prescription heroin for addicts in treatment and rehab programs.

2. German police dogs will wear shoes on the job from now on.

3. Anchorage holds a “Running of the Reindeer” which prompts these delicious quotes:

“Normally we just eat them,” said Mark Berg, a spectator who has lived in Alaska since 1967. “I just made some jambalaya the other day out of reindeer sausage. I’ve eaten more of their cousins than they want to know.””We thought, ‘Ok, they’re just going to mosey along,’ but they took off running,” said Amanda Pelkola, who dressed as a carrot with a friend. “We got smoked by the reindeer.”

Oddly, AP took those quotes out of their later versions of the story.

4. I’ll just give you the headline: “‘Girl’ at Japan school was 38-year-old man.”

Feel free to discuss these headlines or any other stories of the day.


~ by Gabriel Malor on February 25, 2008.

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