Obama: “This is Not a Big Deal”

Referring to the charges of “plagiarism” being alleged by Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson. I agree.

Wolfson says that Obama “lifted” the words and ideas of Obama-supporting Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick. Patrick responds that he and Obama often exchange ideas. An Obama spokesman counters with this video of Clinton “borrowing” Obama’s lines, including “Fired Up and Ready to Go .”

This isn’t the type of accusation that actually sways voters; it’s more likely just to exacerbate tensions between Obama and Clinton supporters. Wolfson should have thought twice about bringing it up. (Not that I’m complaining. Let them duke it out.) Obama is going to come out looking better than Clinton when it’s over, given that Patrick says “we do that all the time” and Obama says “I forgive you, Hillary.” It just looks petty.


~ by Gabriel Malor on February 18, 2008.

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