AQI Continues to Unravel

Via Ed Morrissey, Al Qaeda in Iraq is executing allies for not being sufficiently committed to the cause. Sunni splinter groups have been deciding that civilian attacks aren’t working. AQI apparently disagrees.

Video provided to CNN shows an al Qaeda in Iraq firing squad executing one-time allies — fellow Sunni extremists — who were not loyal enough to the terror organization, coalition military analysts said.

In the video provided by coalition military officials, armed men wearing masks are shown standing behind nine kneeling men, all of whom are wearing blindfolds or hoods with their hands presumably tied behind their backs. The video shows the men being executed. […]
A number of documents — some found in the same raid — bolster the coalition notion that al Qaeda in Iraq is waging a violent campaign against its former allies, intelligence analysts said. […]

Coalition officials say the documents are indicative of a deep rift among the militant groups fighting coalition forces. Al Qaeda in Iraq “would like nothing more than to aggravate the situation,” Smith said last week.

Al Qaeda in Iraq has a history of documenting its actions, the analysts said.

These jihadists are not nearly as PR-savvy as people say.


~ by Gabriel Malor on February 18, 2008.

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