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Box office surprise? Jumper is on top of the box office, having made $27 million this weekend. It got only 15% fresh rating over at, but I saw it anyway on Friday and liked it. Of course, I wasn’t operating under the false impression of several negative reviewers who seem to have thought that it was a superhero movie (I read the book when I was a kid).

I’m not doing a full-blown review because there’s just not that much buzz about it. I will say that the characters seem real, although not especially likeable; the location filming is gorgeous, though always too brief; and the story is good, but incomplete. This is clearly a set-up for a sequel and it leaves several important elements unresolved, especially the main character’s movement from all-around douchebag to good guy. Probably the most noteworthy part of the film, aside from its simple but compelling premise, is its special effects. There’s no overstated CGI in this one, but the makers found a way to turn the straightforward mechanic of teleportation into several gasp-worthy moments.

A glance at the other films out right now leads me to believe that Fox picked the right weekend to release this movie. Jumper’s nearest competitor at almost $20 million was Step Up 2. To the frustration of many who dislike its pretentious dialogue or teen pregnancy story, Juno remains in the top ten in its eleventh week of release.

So, what did you guys do this weekend? And if you could teleport anywhere on Earth at will, where would you go and what would you do?


~ by Gabriel Malor on February 17, 2008.

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