Endorsement Sealed With a Hug?

Senators Obama and Clinton had to cancel campaign events in Wisconsin because of bad weather. Clinton spent the day marking time in Milwaukee at a diner and a grocery store. Obama decided to continue his effort to convince John Edwards to endorse him.

A helicopter cameraman for ABC’s Raleigh-Durham affiliate WTVD spotted Obama leaving former rival John Edwards’ house on the North Carolina…The weather helped the meeting take place this time, as Obama’s event in Appleton, Wis., was cancelled because of snowy conditions. Obama, who had spent the night at home in nearby Chicago, took advantage of the unexpectant gap in his schedule and flew down to Raleigh early afternoon. Edwards’ wife, Elizabeth, was present for the meeting.

Apparently, Obama and Edwards hugged at the conclusion of the meeting.

I wrote before that I think Edwards has waited too long to announce an endorsement for it to really sway anyone. But Obama and Clinton clearly disagree, so what do I know? It occurs to me that Obama is also on the lookout for a running mate and Edwards may help bring some of the southern states which in Obama vs. McCain matchups seem to be going overwhelmingly to McCain. People are talking about a Republican Southern Sweep. That’s got to have Obama worried.


~ by Gabriel Malor on February 17, 2008.

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