Discovering (Some) Truth at the NY Times

Yesterday’s NY Times editorial grudgingly admits that the situation in Iraq has taken a positive turn. It even manages to hold off the “but…” until the final paragraph. But the editorial, “Making (Some) Progress in Iraq” doesn’t say a word about plummeting death tolls and reopened Baghdad neighborhoods. Once consumed with “tragic milestones,” the editors have refocused their attention on more ambiguous benchmarks. And, boy, does this one ever begin with a whopper:

Good news is rare in Iraq. But after months of bitter feuding, Iraq’s Parliament has finally approved a budget, outlined the scope of provincial powers, set an Oct. 1 date for provincial elections and voted a general amnesty for detainees.


UNRELATED GROUSING: I’ve had no complaints about Windows Vista so far, but does anyone know how to keep it from rebooting itself without warning in order to install updates? I thought for a minute I lost this post (I may have awoken the neighbors with the cussing) and it is only through the goodness that is Mozilla Firefox that my text was saved. Responses from MacHeads or those extolling the virtues of Linux are not desired and will not be appreciated.


~ by Gabriel Malor on February 15, 2008.

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