Neil Young is CRUSHED by Your Apathy

Neil Young has decided that his 2006 anti-war tour didn’t do a thing to change the world. Presenting a documentary of the tour, he said that music hasn’t evolved since the 1950s.

Canadian folk rock legend Neil Young said he has lost all hope that music can change the world, as he presented a documentary about his 2006 anti-war concert tour at the Berlin film festival on Friday.”I know that the time when music could change the world is past. I really doubt that a single song can make a difference. It is a reality,” Young told reporters.

“I don’t think the tour had any impact on voters.”

I think part of Young’s problem may have something to do with the fact that when I got this link I said, “Neil Who?” Apparently, he was hot stuff back in the days before television or something. Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young? Never heard of ’em.

As to his premise, music changes the world in the same way that benzodiazepines do, which is to say that it keeps a great many people happy and distracted enough to get through the day without twitching their way to the nearest gun cabinet. Okay. Maybe I overstated that. A bit.

Really, though, what did Young think was going to happen? If he just pointed his guitar (or whatever), people would storm the White House calling for impeachment? I’m not surprised that he’s disappointed.

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~ by Gabriel Malor on February 9, 2008.

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