Quick’s 10 Bad Things About John McCain

In case you missed it, Bill Quick has a long and detailed post about why he will not be voting for John McCain. His “List of Infamy” includes things like this summer’s amnesty legislation, the Patient’s Bill of Rights, and McCain’s class warfare. A taste:

The second type [of pushback to Quick’s McCain criticism] is that for which this post is written: Here is an example from a commenter named Scott Martin:

I’m still confused about the intensity of the hatred towards McCain. I know he has bucked the conservative movement on a few occasions but the level of animosity is amazing.

I don’t ipso facto ascribe this sort of response to wilful stupidity or robotic submission to a political party, but I do ascribe it to ignorance. And the cure for ignorance is facts. If you can read the following and still vote for John McCain, fine. But don’t consider that you are doing yourself, your country, or your party any favors.

If you’re on the fence about voting for McCain tomorrow, take a look at the list and ask yourself if you’re okay with the things on it. There are 10 items in all. Ace is quoted at the very bottom.

h/t Instapundit.


~ by Gabriel Malor on February 4, 2008.

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  2. if you didnt care then y are on here?

  3. saxby is a dumbass.

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  7. ok you white tale tryed to make it easy to fail by the no child left behind act

  8. John mccain sucks he tryin to win but he cant obama is so whoever likes him dont hes a bad person if you want him as presindent you suck.

  9. john is a bad statement to these states if you vote him you suck and we dont like people who likes john mccain

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