That Debate Whisper

It’s weird when people “in real life” who don’t know that I’m blogging direct me to things in the blogosphere. The guy in the carrel next to me just pointed me to video from the debate last night in which Romney is being asked about Ronald Reagan. A loud “He raised taxes” can be heard in a near-whisper.

Allah points out:

Scandal du jour on the left, rooted in the near-religious belief that you’ll always find a Republican cheating if you look closely enough. Riehl almost certainly has this right: Some NBC staffer, possibly Brian Williams, was trying to get Russert to elaborate on a vague question. A mike picked it up, everyone there — including Romney — heard it, and Mitt jumped in.

This put me in mind of the last big cheating-at-the-debate scandal, which was embraced so completely by the Left that Salon hired a NASA photo analyst to try and convince us that President Bush was getting help:

The images provide the most vivid details yet of the bulge beneath the president’s suit. Amateurs have certainly had their turn at examining the bulge, but no professional with a résumé as impressive as Nelson’s has ventured into public with an informed opinion. In fact, no one to date has enhanced photos of Bush’s jacket to this degree of precision, and revealed what appears to be some kind of mechanical device with a wire snaking up the president’s shoulder toward his neck and down his back to his waist.

This was part of the Democrats’ attempt to convince the world that the president is an idiot and they spent a lot of time on it. (Before switching to the idea that they were completely bamboozled by his unholy facility with deception, of course.) Since no one’s going to credibly claim that Romney needed help at the debate, I expect this rumor will die down fast.


~ by Gabriel Malor on January 25, 2008.

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