Dog Owners and Dog Eaters

On December 16, Frank Manuma, a man who really loves his golf, discovered that his dog, Caddy, was missing from the equipment shack where he has permission to keep the animal while he’s playing. He and his wife, who had never had children, “considered the dog their little boy.” So he was pretty distressed to discover Caddy missing. He would soon become more upset.

That’s because two employees of the golf club took the dog home and killed, butchered, cooked, and ate it. Fortunately, other club members had seen them take poor Caddy, and so they’ve been indicted for theft and animal cruelty. They face up to five years imprisonment and $10,000 fines for each charge.

I doubt that’s much consolation for the Manumas, who lost their little boy-dog. Fortunately, they welcomed into their home a new arrival on January 2nd, Caddy 2.

I wish the whole story weren’t true, and not just because it sounds like a bizarre comedy. I don’t want to make too much light of the Manumas’ pain, because losing a dog is no joke, but they just replaced their little boy-dog in under three weeks. That’s a little fast, don’t you think? And “Caddy 2?” Sometimes I just don’t understand people.

As for the criminals, I’m hoping that there is more to the story. Why pick Caddy? They would have to know that the owner would notice him missing. Were they mad at Manuma? Are there not enough dogs in Hawaii that you can’t just grab one at the humane society? I am disturbed enough to wonder if they were on the lookout for dinner, saw Caddy and decided, “Oh, yeah, that’s the one. That one looks tasty.” Like a frickin’ buffet or something. This story really needs a revenge element.

~ by Gabriel Malor on January 25, 2008.

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